Technical Innovations

Some of the most recent advances available to the specialist are used in your treatment.

Operating Microscope
Dr. Vesz utilizes a Zeiss microscope which provides him with outstanding levels of magnification and illumination.
Digital Radiography

Conventional X-Ray films have now been supplemented by this newer technique. Radiation exposure is reduced, and images of excellent quality are displayed almost instantly on a computer screen. Images can easily be printed as well.
Apex Locator
Dr. Vesz incorporates the use of this device to accurately determine the length of the actual root canal being treated.
Infection Control
The Office Follows All Approved Sterilization and disinfection protocols.
Calm and Relaxed Environment
The newest generation in ergonomically correct dental chairs is present to maximize your comfort while you recline to have your treatment performed. Headphones with CD's are available as a diversion should you desire them. We strive to keep all aspects of your visit and treatment relaxed and free of concern. We endeavour to keep you informed and comfortable at all times.